Contributing to The Community

Tidhar Group is community oriented. As a leading real estate group that builds the country and operates within the community, we view our involvement and the personal contribution of our people as an inseparable part of our activities. Tidhar accompanies numerous social projects and contributes to a variety of organizations.
Our guiding principle is a significant contribution, whether it is involvement of our employees in social projects, or our level of financial support.
Among our social activities, twice a year (before Rosh Hashanah and Pesach) Tidhar renovates homes of destitute families adjacent to Tidhar's projects. Tidhar also supports the ongoing activities of Yad LaMitzpor which operates a shelter for underprivileged youth aged 13-18, and warmly embraces the children of "Larger than Life" in numerous donation and volunteering projects.

Yad La'Mitzpor Organization - shelter for underprivileged youth

Since 2000, Tidhar Group has run the "Yad LaMitzpor" organization, which supports "Mitzpe Yam" in Herzliya, a closed shelter for youth aged 13-18 who are housed there under juvenile court order. Tidhar gives the youth significant assistance and real prospects for rehabilitation and integration into society.

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Renovating apartments before the Jewish New Year and Passover

Every year, prior to the holidays, Tidhar Group renovates the homes of needy families near Tidhar building projects. We view this activity as an excellent opportunity to express Tidhar's spirit and take a personal part in social activity.

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Developing the next generation of engineers

As part of Tidhar's desire to develop advanced building methods, Tidhar helps develop future generations of engineers by hosting groups of students at Tidhar construction sites for study and training purposes.

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Distribution of food parcels for individuals in need, on Rosh Hashanah and Passover

In recent years, Tidhar has purchased hundreds of holiday packages, including basic commodities, which are needed in every home over the holidays. Our people distribute the packages to the needy, usually Holocaust survivors, elderly and infirm, thus contributing a little to their quality of life

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Tidhar supports the kids of "Larger Than Life" organization

Collaboration with the "Order of Well-Wishers"

Collaboration with "Ezer M'Zion" organization

A range of volunteering work in the framework of "Helpi", from the "Let's Get Involved" organization

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