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What do you need to consider when moving to a new office? How do you move with minimum expenditure of time and money? And how do you create an ideal work space? Tidhar presents the full guide to fit outs.

  • Moving to new offices is a complex and significant decision, both personal and professional, which involves a large number of considerations. Beyond the initial decision on moving, a variety deliberations suddenly pop up: how do you adjust the space to the needs of your business? How do you design a program that reflects the company's spirit and needs? What is the relationship between the different functions and people? How to match finishing materials and design language to the brand? And what about moving logistics, packing, transporting, setting up at the new office, organizing workstations, installing electrical equipment, cabinets, shelves, furniture and more?...
    Moving is a headache, but on the other hand it's also an opportunity to move into a place which totally suits the current and future needs of your business.

  • Unlike apartments, when it comes to a new business asset (an office in a building, a store in a shopping center, etc.), the property in most cases is handed over to the first tenant as a "shell" - an open space without internal partitions. The fit out and adjustment works include, among others, the internal division of the property, drywalls, ceilings, flooring and roofing systems (air conditioning, elevators, lighting, etc.), carpentry (partitions, doors, etc.), frames, paint and more. The fit out works usually performed by the purchaser or lessee, allow the use of the property for various purposes: office, shop, clinic, etc. and are not included in the initial price of the property.
    The advantage of buying or renting a property as a "shell" lies in the possibility to adjust the property to perfectly meet customer needs, budget and personal taste. On the other hand, the implication for the buyer or tenant is that the moment they receive the key they begin a long and arduous journey with many factors (architect, interior designer, supervisor, contractor for fitouts, branding specialist, lighting contractor, drywall contractor, etc.) which require a lot of time, effort and resources, decisions and understanding of construction processes. Without the necessary experience and capabilities, this entire process can be a serious headache in terms of budget and schedule deviations. That's why it is essential to choose a fit out company which is capable of providing an office space that is perfectly suited to your needs and budget, at the fastest possible time and with minimum investment on your part.

  • After receiving the initial decision to move to a new office, you need to decide how the move will help you achieve your business goals - from the balance between open work spaces and boardrooms, the ratio between seating and public spaces, or the dilemma between "clean" and elegant design, trendy or conceptual, and even the most basic decisions about the color of the carpets or the length of the table in the conference room.
    Even after you have decided on the design, the journey has just begun. You still need to select suppliers, coordinate planning with dozens of parties, supervise the finishing work, purchase materials, furniture and office equipment and then handle the complexity of moving hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees to the new offices.
    While most companies in the field offer you one service or another, only Tidhar takes full responsibility for the entire process from A to Z. Tidhar Fit Outs offers a perfect turnkey option for businesses, and provides a dedicated project manager who will accompany you throughout the whole process and give you all services in place one - from planning all the way to moving day, and everything else in between. When we say "everything from A to Z", we mean it.

  • Security, reliability, communication, prestige, innovation, breaking boundaries, superior service or creativity - no matter what message you want to convey to your employees, customers and suppliers, the design of your office space has a fundamental role.
    If in the past companies could be satisfied with practical offices or commercial spaces, today companies invest a lot of money and effort in designing a work-space which supports the brand, faithfully reflects the brand's spirit and values, and creates an experience that will affect the way people perceive the organization.
    The design of a work environment also has an effect on the employees themselves. Office atmosphere is an integral part of recruitment, and has a direct connection on the levels of employees' satisfaction and productivity.
    Clear and precise interior design is a powerful tool that enables organizations to express their unique identity, reflect their values, strengths and corporate culture. Finishing elements such as colors, textures, materials, furniture, lighting, special carpets, stickers, vegetation, wallpaper, artifacts and special elements, are just some examples of how you can "dress up" your business space to make it work in synergy with the brand values and its objectives.

  • The right design is the kind that works for you and enhances the employees' experience, and as a result increases productivity, satisfaction and ultimately - profits.
    Your offices should suit the company's nature and spirit as well as your needs. On one hand planning needs to be functional and comfortable, suitable for various functions in the company and create good synergy between them. On the other hand, it is important that the design will transmit the right messages optimized to its unique character, the type of products or services it provides and the nature of its clientele. Therefore, there is no pattern. Each design should be different and suit the client's needs.

  • Tidhar Fit Outs, the Group's Fitouts Division which focuses on commercial real estate, is considered to be the highest quality fit-out company in Israel. Here you will be able to get a perfectly designed and executed work space, from A to Z, at one address. Tidhar Fit Outs offers a comprehensive package of solutions which include coordination, planning and high quality performance for all finishing work, infrastructure, construction, design and furnishing, and all the way to the actual moving logistics. our people have extensive hands-on experience in managing large-scale complex projects in record time, and they will accompany you throughout the entire process till your employees are settled in their new offices.

  • To avoid dealing with various parties, we suggest you work with one factor who can take care of the whole process from beginning to end. Tidhar offers a one-stop-shop solution for all your needs, so you can concentrate on business. Whether you're renting or buying, our people will accompany you professionally, competently and with full transparency throughout the process, from planning all the way to moving to the new offices, including maintenance and management throughout the term of the lease (if it is a property we own). We will do everything we can to make sure the space you purchased or hired will provide the optimum conditions for your success.

  • To date, Tidhar has not been late in handing over a project to a client. Quite the opposite! In many cases we were even ahead of delivery date. With turnkey projects, we are able to carry out challenging projects on schedule and at significantly shorter schedules than required in the usual method.
    Tidhar's unique character and its ability to operate along the entire value chain, combined with advanced management practices, planning and implementation, allow us to operate with high efficiency in order to achieve the best results at record time and maximizing value for all parties involved.

  • At Tidhar we set your satisfaction as a central goal, and invest our finest resources in order to fulfill our commitments to you. To date, Tidhar has handed over more than one million square meters of commercial real estate, in record time and at the highest quality.

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