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Building Value

"Before each project we ask 4 questions: is this the correct product, in the right place, at the right price and at the right time"

Gil Geva, Executive Chairman and Founder

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The Dearest Asset

"We view customer satisfaction, their happiness and satisfaction, as our dearest assets"

Amaliya Shochat, Team Leader responsible for Customer Portfolios

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Tidhar Spirit

"Even when we build for other companies, we give everything. That's the Tidhar Spirit"

Amir Putievsky, VP Construction

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Tidhar from A to Z

"When planning, development, construction and adjustments are all under one roof, customers know they have someone to turn to at any stage along the way"

Shiri Bahar, Development Operations Manager

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Planning for you

"Great planning is the foundation of a great project. When I plan I think about the client and make sure that the project serves his purposes in the best possible way"

Galia Ziv, Engineering Planning Manager

About Us

Nice to meet you, Tidhar

Thanks to the unique blend of vision, values, exceptional people and advanced management methods, Tidhar has become the largest private real estate group in Israel
700employees who feel at home
25years of activity
16,000happy families
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About Us

When people ask us what is the secret behind the Group's success, the answer is always the same - people.
We believe in long-term relationships based on trust, honesty, caring and love for people. We believe that money comes and goes, but a home is something that lasts forever. Over the years, we have created a unique human mosaic, which has steadily built an extraordinary, experienced and knowledgeable organization. Together, the people of Tidhar constitute the Group's human capital, of which there is no greater treasure.
Thanks to our people, Tidhar has become the largest private real estate Group in Israel, and one of the few that accompanies customers from the sales office all the way to the moment they move in, and even many years after, providing one address for developing, planning, construction and long term warranty, and maximum peace of mind.
Since founded in 1993, Tidhar has built hundreds of residential projects that are home to over 15,000 satisfied families. It has also constructed more than 1,500,000sqm of office, hi-tech and commercial space, in Israel and around the world. Each Tidhar project has that unique fingerprint and spirit which gives the Group its reputation.

Tidhar Group is ranked sixth among the leading real estate companies in Israel, and is one of the few companies that develops and constructs, under one roof.
Specializing in development and construction of residential projects, office and commercial buildings, Tidhar has become a major player in urban renewal initiatives and fit-outs. The Group also owns a substantial amount of yielding assets around the world, and is co-owner of the Ritz-Carlton hotel at the Herzlia Marina. For the last few years Tidhar has been ranked among the top 6 real estate companies in Israel, according to BDI and Dun's 100, with over 750 employees (as of 2017).
Tidhar Construction, the Group's execution division, is Israel's second-largest construction company, which builds about 3000 apartments and hands over more than 1000 apartments, each year.
Tidhar's activity is guided by its vision, which emphasizes reliability, personal and organizational excellence, teamwork, customer focus, commitment to results and meeting deadlines. For its excellence in service, Tidhar was awarded a long list of prizes, and is the only real estate group in Israel to win the prestigious "National Award for Quality and Excellence", named after the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Tidhar Group's Vision
• To be the leading construction company in Israel; to strive for global growth; to cultivate values of excellence and innovation; and to be a role model of service, performance and quality.
• To be a growing, expansive and solid company that nurtures and rewards its employees, and constitutes a home as well as a source of empowerment and pride.
• To contribute to Israel’s society and economy through community outreach, creation of jobs, and the constant improvement of building and management methods.

The People Leading Tidhar

Tidhar's management backbone is comprised of leading professionals in Israel's real estate scene, who share a common vision and values, and who are the core of the Group's success.

Gil Geva
Gil Geva
Executive Chairman and Founder
Arie Bachar
Arie Bachar
President and Founder
Mark Weisman
Mark Weisman
Partner and Board Member
Udi Sharvit
Udi Sharvit
Group’s CEO
Tal Hershkovitz
Tal Hershkovitz
Deputy CEO and CEO of Tidhar Construction

Our Values

As a company which strives to be a source of strength and pride to its customers, partners and employees, we believe that our essential role is to provide you with value throughout the entire process.

RAK 4968 דורון בנישו

Building quality

"Buying an apartment is a huge and important decision in life, and it is vital that you have someone to rely on. This is what guides me at work."
RAK 7399 פרננדו שנקר

Innovative excellence

"Tidhar leads the innovation revolution in the construction industry. We see it as a vision and a mission to create a higher value - that's what we call excellence."
RAK 7478 דניאל רוקח

Financial strength

"Tidhar's financial strength enables us to initiate and successfully establish projects of any size, and turn any vision into reality."
RAK 1415 אלינה דורפמן שפר

Reliability, transperancy

"Our customers build our reputation, and it's important for us to give customers full disclosure, throughout the entire process."
RAK 8686 לירון פנחס

Customer-first concept

"All of the Group's employees and suppliers are focused on the customer, his personal taste and his unique needs."
62980 242x224

Tidhar spirit

"Since Tidhar was founded, we have been building credibility, and this credibility creates the trust of our employees, customers and partners."

People First

We are people who build for people. Come and get to know the people who make Tidhar what it is.

Meet Orly, Fit-outs Manager

This is a story about creation and about the people behind it

Morning run with Amir Putievsky, VP Construction

Meet Itcho Gavra, Fit-outs Manager

Ride along with Yair Ben Ami, CEO Tidhar Fit-Outs

Service from the heart

Join a day in the life of Yossi and Mali, from our inspection team


A peek at a day in the life of Dori Paz, Manager of the Urban Renewal department at Tidhar

Meet Bat'el, our Planning Manager

Meet Ronen, R&D & Innovation Manager

Tidhar at your service

The Tidhar people are at your service. We invite you to contact us

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Main Office

Main Office


Sun. - Thu. 8:00-20:00, Fri. and holiday eves 8:00-13:00

Main Sales Office

Main Sales Office


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

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