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From A to Z

"To accompany each customer from the idea, through characterization, planning, licensing, construction, fit-outs, and all the way to handing over the key - that's fascinating. A real experience."

Micha Efrat, Entrepreneural Operations and Control Manager

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Tidhar Tailor Made

"Moving to a new office can be a real headache. We do everything possible to ease the move."

Yoram Kedem, CEO of Rental Assets

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"The office is the company's showcase. So you can say we design showcases."

Lior Shtager, Fit-Outs Project Manager

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Personal attention

"When you work with a business client, there's nothing like personal attention and satisfaction. That's the whole story."

Roni Plavitz, Regional Manager, Tidhar Fit-Outs

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Our word is a commitment

"When it comes to business, the budget and the schedule are of great importance. I do my utmost to save time and money for the customer."

Miki Solomon, Fit-outs Manager

Business Real Estate

Better for Business

Tidhar provides you with one address for construction, sales and renting of office space, commercial, industrial and logistics facilities, in Israel and around the world
Commercial real estate
1,500,000sqm of success
Rental properties
220,000sqm of rent
250,000sqm of quality
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Success is an Asset

The decision to move your company to a new office, or a new site, involves a large number of decisions and dilemmas. Besides the obvious ones, the most essential is - how to make the move with minimum disruption of work processes, and how fast can business get back to usual?
Tidhar Group specializes in development, construction, management and rental of space for offices and commercial use, hi-tech and heavy industry, commercial and logistics facilities, in Israel and abroad. To date, Tidhar has built more than 1.5 million square meters of commercial real estate and owns over 220,000 square meters of office, commercial and logistics space for rent, with exceptionally high occupancy rates.
Besides high quality construction, we are one of the only companies in the country to offer turn-key solutions for all your business needs thanks to Tidhar Fit-Outs - considered Israel's leading finishing company. By providing development, planning, construction and long-term leasing of commercial real estate under one roof, we can guarantee the highest quality standards, adherence to budgets and timetables, and most important - minimal investment of management resources and manpower on your part.

Tidhar's strength in the field of business real estate lies in its one-stop-shop approach, offering you the most comprehensive package of solutions for your business, including:
"Tidhar Tailor Made" - construction of a dedicated property adapted to your needs, for long-term rental, A high quality selection of office, commercial and logistics space, for purchase or rent, Fit-out work for all types of assets and Property management and maintenance services.

Tidhar's owns over 220,000sqm of high quality office, commercial and logistics space for rent, in prime locations in Israel and abroad, including:
110,000sqm of Triple A grade offices in Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange complex, in Raanana, Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Rishon Letzion and Herzliya, 11,000sqm of shops and commercial space in central locations in Raanana, Ramat Gan, Rishon Letzion, Ramat Hahayal, Herzliya and Givatayim, 70,000sqm of space for light industry and logistics in Yavneh and Barkan industrial zone and Overseas properties, including the luxurious Airport City business district in Belgrade, which currently covers an area of 75,000 square meters and will include 200,000 square meters of office and commercial space. This project won an award as Best Project in Europe, thanks to advanced planning and Tidhar standard construction.

Whether you're renting or purchasing a business asset from us, we will always place personal service and your satisfaction as a central goal and invest our best managerial, human and logistic resources to create the highest value for your investment.

Building Value for You

A unique one-stop-shop approach, uncompromising quality, high service awareness, financial strength, and the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for business - that's how we create value for you.

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Strict quality

"At Tidhar, excellence is 365 days a year, 360 degrees - in everything the Group does."
RAK 8516 לי יניני

Great service experience

"For me, it's important that every customer enjoys 100% peace of mind from the moment he purchases or rents a property and throughout the entire period of its use."
RAK 9752 יאיר בן עמי

One stop shop

"Our clients arrive at their new office and can begin work immediately; everything is ready, down to the memo pad on the desk."
RAK 7177 יורם קדם

Tidhar Tailor Made

"The great advantage of long-term rental of a property that was built specifically for you is the flexibility and the fact you don't have to spend the money in advance."
RAK 7094 אודי שרביט

A high value asset

"To my delight, Tidhar is synonymous with quality. We see that properties that we built years ago are today a benchmark for rental and sale prices in the area."
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One address

"There is no greater satisfaction than seeing customers entering the new offices we planned and created for them, from A to Z... it's amazing!"

Projects on the Market

CU Ramat Hahayal

Prestigious business park in a strategic location in Ramat Hahayal, which includes 4 office buildings of 6-7 floors each and an attractive commercial boulevard - home of North Market.

Read More

Hi-Tech Park

High-end industry park comprising 6 advanced office buildings of 8 floors, with a total area of about 60,000 square meters and a designed commercial avenue, in Israel's high-tech arena

Read More

Omer House, Hod Hasharon

Put yourself right in the center of activity, in the first business complex of its kind in Hod Hasharon

Read More

Studio Tower, BBC

Join the large community of planners in Israel's first design tower. Offices for rent in the newly renovated BBC (Bnei Brak Business Center) complex

Read More

Sapir Tower

In the heart of the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan, the most impressive office tower is being completed. Tidhar invites you to take off and experience true Business Class

Read More

Our Services

When you choose Tidhar you choose a company that will accompany you professionally, competently and with complete transparency all the way. A company that will give you everything you need so that the property you have purchased or rented will provide you with the optimal conditions for success.

Tidhar Tailor Made

Tidhar Assets offers you a unique package that combines, under one roof, the initiation, planning and construction of assets for business, commerce, industry or logistics, for long term rental.

Developing Business Real Estate

As an leading developer-contractor, Tidhar has accumulated extensive experience in initiating business and commercial areas for various purposes, and has proven to have a sharp eye for the selection of locations with the highest potential for growth and improvement.

Planning and Licensing

Tidhar has extensive experience in leading licensing and rezoning processes for commercial purposes. The Group carries out the project planning and all licensing processes required for itself and for other developers and land owners, all in combination with leading professionals (architects, consultants, etc.)

Constructing Business Complexes

dhar specializes in building state-of-the-art office buildings and commercial areas of AAA level (highest level) at record times and at the highest construction standards.

High Quality Assets for Rent

Tidhar offers you a selection of high quality properties for rent - long term or short. Our properties are located in attractive central locations, enjoy high occupancy rates and are populated by leading companies.


Tidhar Fit-Outs is behind some of the largest and most prominent projects in Israel (the offices of Apple, Comverse, Excellence Nessuah, Ness, large HMOs and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Herzliya) and is considered the leading and best-performing company in its field.

Variety of Logistics Solutions

In the field of fit-outs, Tidhar provides its customers with a wide range of logistics solutions for new offices: handling all procurement needs, planning, manufacturing and assembling carpentry items, locating and purchasing art items, carpets and accessories, as well as corporate branding in accordance with the chosen design concept.

Property Management and Maintenance

Tidhar works solely with leading and experienced management companies, in order to provide tenants with the highest level of maintenance and service.

3D Revolution

Tidhar is the only company that uses advanced 3D design technology throughout the entire value chain, enabling us to execute projects of the highest quality, at the shortest schedules and according to a given budget.

Amongst Our Customers

Choosing Tidhar means choosing a company that will accompany you professionally, competently and with complete transparency all the way. A company that will give you everything you need so that the property you have acquired or rented will provide you with the optimal conditions for success.

Success Stories

Hashahar Tower, Givatayim

The perfect business experience, at the peak of the second highest tower in Israel, in a winning location between Tel Aviv, Givatayim and Ramat Gan.

Read More

Rogovin-Tidhar Tower, Ramat Gan

The strategic location, at the junction of opportunities at the Diamond Exchange complex, and the sophisticated and carefully designed combination of Business and Pleasure, has turned Rogovin Tidhar Tower into a success story

Read More

Sea View, Herzlia

A spectacular 8-floor business center with offices, commerce and parking lots all built to the highest standards with glass fronts with spectacular views

Read More

Airport City Belgrad

A large business park that will eventually include 186,000sqm of office and commercial space for rent, most of which is already occupied by the world's leading companies

Read More

CU, a peek at the new business park in Ramat Hahayal

A peek at the luxurious new business park, home to North Market


CU, Ramat Hahayal - pouring a raft (transformation ceiling)

Pouring a raft at CU, Ramat Hahayal


Choosing the right partner

Before you choose your partner for the way, take a look at our various projects and people

Hashahar Tower - raft in the sky

A look at the pouring of a raft (transformation ceiling) on the 38th floor


Sapir Tower, Ramat Gan

Pouring one of the largest rafts ever done in Israel, in the Diamond Exchange area


Pangaea Center, Herzlia

Building the innovative business center of Herzlia


Retalix - when a dream becomes reality

Planning and execution of fit-outs and external work, from A to Z


CU project, Ramat Hahayal

Six cement factories, 5 pumps, 9 mixers - that's how you build a business park


Our People

Meet Orly, Fit-Outs Manager

People First

We are people who build for people. Come get to know the people who make Tidhar the company it is.

A day in the life of Amir Putievsky, VP Construction

Cycling with Yair Ben Ami, CEO Tidhar Fit-Outs

Tidhar at your service

The Tidhar people are at your service. We invite you to contact us

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