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Fit Outs1 Fit Outs1
Jana Levitzky, Budget and tenders engineer Jana Levitzky, Budget and tenders engineer
Committed to the finest details

"Fit-outs is not just the outer shell of the office. It's equipment, plants, art, carpets and much more... After all, for many people the office is the second house, n'est-ce pas?"

Jana Levitzky, Budget and tenders engineer

Fit Outs2 Fit Outs2
Yoram Ben Naim, Regional manager, fit-outs Yoram Ben Naim, Regional manager, fit-outs
Peace of mind

"It is important to me that the client can continue to focus on his ongoing business activities and enjoy peace of mind and full security throughout the entire process"

Yoram Ben Naim, Regional manager, fit-outs

Fit Outs3 Fit Outs3
Tal Elhanati, Buyer Tal Elhanati, Buyer
Leading the market

"It's fun to work for the best and leading fit-outs company in the industry"

Tal Elhanati, Buyer

Fit Outs4 Fit Outs4
Gal Weinberger, Fit-outs manager Gal Weinberger, Fit-outs manager

"We accompany each customer with even the smallest decisions, the color of the carpets or the length of the table in the conference room"

Gal Weinberger, Fit-outs manager

Fit Outs5 Fit Outs5
Shiri Lilienthal, Director of Finishing Deals Shiri Lilienthal, Director of Finishing Deals
Far Reaching View

"I think together with the client not only about current needs but also about the future needs of the business"

Shiri Lilienthal, Director of Finishing Deals

Fit Outs6 Fit Outs6
Aziz Huri, Project manager, fit-outs Aziz Huri, Project manager, fit-outs
A range of services

"Our fit-outs division offers the most comprehensive suite of solutions for all types of professional spaces: offices, commerce, hotels, restaurants, HMOs, hospitals, malls, service centers, laboratories and more"

Aziz Huri, Project manager, fit-outs

main content

Fit-Outs is Tidhar

Congratulations, you've decided to move to new, spacious and modern offices. We know that it is not an easy decision. It involves hundreds of considerations and will affect your employees, customers and suppliers, and mainly the success of your business. But before you make the decision to move, it's important you choose the right partner who will take care of all your needs, minimize expenditure, maximize commitment to timetables, provide high quality workmanship and give you peace of mind throughout the entire process.
Tidhar Fit Outs, the Group's Fit Outs Division, is also a market leader in its own right. The division carries out challenging and complex turn-key projects in Israel, as well as smaller boutique projects. With the help of this specialized division you can move to new offices which are perfectly tailored to the current and future needs of your business, down to the smallest details. With Tidhar Fit Outs you enjoy a comprehensive suite of solutions, including coordination, planning and execution of all construction, infrastructure, systems and outer finishing for any type of business space, with an exclusive "one stop shop" approach.

Comprehensive solution package
Tidhar Fit Outs is a major market leader in its own right, and one of the few companies in Israel that can provide perfect commercial spaces, regardless of size and scope, fitted out to the highest standards in record time. The division is backed by the full cooperation of Tidhar Group, for maximum results.
With Tidhar Fit Outs you can realize any dream or idea, without limitation, at record timetables and the highest quality standards. Managing the entire project from A to Z with the help of a dedicated Tidhar project manager, enables you to successfully get through this complex phase while maintaining full control of schedules, and minimizing expenditure and management resources on your part.
We invite you to enjoy all the advantages of working with Tidhar: financial stability, quality control, uncompromising safety, high quality procurement solutions in Israel and abroad, full logistics services including packing and transportation to the new offices, employee training and orientation due to the move, transition management and more.
Tidhar's people have extensive experience in management complex large-scale business project, worldwide. Our professional and high quality support from start to finish, are attributes that reflect Tidhar Group's culture and values.

Building Value for You

Enjoy Tidhar's high standard of finishing work: flexible contracts, better quality and shorter schedules.

יאיר בן עמי

מוסרים בזמן

"אף פעם לא איחרנו במסירת נכס ללקוח ובמקרים רבים אף הקדמנו"
רזיאל ברבי

בקרת איכות

"כל פרויקט שאנו מבצעים, עובר בקרת איכות קפדנית ולא נמסר ללקוח עד שאנו מוודאים שהוא עומד בסטנדרט האיכות שלנו"
אדי קריסטל

ליווי צמוד

"כשיש מנהל פרויקט אחראי, שמלווה אתכם לאורך כל התהליך - אתם יכולים להיות שקטים. יש מי שדואג בשבילכם "
מורן רם

תקציב זה תקציב

"אצלנו תקציב זה תקציב. אין חריגות ואין הפתעות. הכול סגור וידוע מראש"
סיגלית גלנט

שירות כערך מוביל

"שירות הוא הערך המרכזי בתדהר, כולנו פועלים מתוך מחויבות בלתי מתפשרת ללקוח ולשביעות רצונו"
ליאור שטגר

יחיד ומיוחד

"אני אוהב את העבודה הזאת כי אין בה נוסחה. כל פרויקט הוא ייחודי ומותאם ללקוח"

Our Services

Tidhar Fit-Outs offers you a comprehensive and modular service package which accompanies you through the entire process and solves all your needs involved in the move to your new offices.

עבודות מעטפת וגמר למשרדים ומסחר - תדהר

Unique Turnkey Option

A distinctive option which combines a package of comprehensive solutions at a fixed price. The solutions may include program and requirement specifications, planning, coordination and execution of all building systems and finishing works. till the handing over of a complete and outfitted work space. This track, unique in the industry, allows you to harness Tidhar's power to your service and enjoy maximum peace of mind as well as significantly shorter deadlines than are normally reasonable in the industry
MODULAR גמיש - תדהר

Modular Option

An option which enables you to enjoy all the benefits of working with Tidhar Fit Outs division at any stage you choose, at your own pace and according to your budget restrictions.
מגוון פתרונות לוגיסטיים - תדהר

Logistic Support

Tidhar provides a unique one stop shop service that meets all the logistical needs involved in moving to new offices, including: dismantling, packing, transporting and assembling equipment from the old offices, training and preparing for the induction of new employees, purchasing equipment and more.
מהפכה בתלת מימד - תדהר

Planning-Execution Revolution

Tidhar Fit-Outs specializes in executing projects according to a unique 'design-performance' model that was developed in-house, based on 3D modeling technologies that enable us to design and execute high-quality final projects within a predetermined budget.
בקרת איכות - תדהר

High Quality Execution

High quality execution of all castings, aluminum works, openings and windows, carpentry, flooring, cladding, ceilings, building systems, and construction of all types of spaces including: management rooms, meeting rooms, server rooms, laboratories, showrooms, cafeterias, kitchens, open-space, parking lots, lobbies, roofs and rest areas.
עיצוב מא' ועד ת' - תדהר

Designed from A to Z

Office design from A to Z performed by the finest architects and in line with your needs and wishes, including: planning, manufacture and assembling of carpentry items, locating and purchasing art, carpets, paint, corporate branding, purchasing and supplying furniture, lighting fixtures, office equipment, decorative accessories, plants, kitchen utensils and more.

Success Stories

 Elad Systems

Elad Systems

Fit-outs for Elad Systems, one of the leading software companies in Israel, on 3 floors of offices with a total area of 3,000 sqm.

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Fit-out work of the highest standard and in accordance with Apple's stringent international requirements. 18,000 square meters of offices for 800 employees

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Completion of all fit-outs in the most exclusive hotel and vacation apartments in Israel - the Ritz-Carlton, Herzlia, owned by Tidhar

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Creating a dynamic and young work environment for Jive - the organizational-Facebook giant, within a record schedule of only 3.5 months

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 Amit Pollak Matalon, law firm

Amit Pollak Matalon, law firm

Fit-outs and external work for "Amit Pollak Matalon" - one of Israel's leading law firms, on 3 floors with a total area of 2,500 square meters

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 Algotec, Ra'anana

Algotec, Ra'anana

As part of the expansion of the company's headquarters in Ra'anana, which is engaged in the development of information systems and processing in the field of medical imaging, we completed all fit-outs and external work in the new offices

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 Ayeka, Tel Aviv

Ayeka, Tel Aviv

Work spaces for rent, a meeting place for people with similar interests and content. The fit-outs were performed at a very high finish level, implementing original details according to plans by architect Michi Seter

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 Perion, Holon

Perion, Holon

3 floors of offices for Israeli software company Perion, which develops software and computer applications in the field of advertising, over a total area of 10,000 square meters

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 Soroker- Agmon law firm

Soroker- Agmon law firm

In this project we ensured uncompromising design, which included creating a balance between exposed concrete and a special wall cladding

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