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Florentin Village, Tel Aviv

Florentin Village, Tel Aviv

A new, young and exclusive residential experience, in the right place in Tel Aviv
Avner Yashar
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Inspiring Tel Aviv

Tidhar Group and Acro Real Estate are proud to present the new and exciting scene on the Tel Aviv map, where the best things are happening in food, music, art, culture and fashion.
On an 8000sqm plot in the north-east of Florentin, within walking distance from Levinsky Street and Rothschild Boulevard, a new, young and prestigious residential neighborhood is growing. It includes 170 apartments in three buildings, commercial space, a sports and leisure center planned by the Tel Aviv municipality, and a large park. Planning and design was handed over to top architect Avner Yashar. Be inspired and live the life that suits you, in the right place in Tel Aviv.

Central Location

walking distance from Levinsky Market and Rothschild Boulevard

Advanced Design

meticulously designed by architect Avner Yashar, to provide residents with a new and exciting living experience

Rich Surrounding Development

including a spacious garden and promenade for residents

Sport & leisure

adjacent municipal recreation center

Commercial Floor

shops and leisure

Green Building

according to Standard 5281

High accessibility

to all main traffic arteries

Urban lifestyle

lots of galleries, bars and places to eat

Avant garde design

A dialogue with the surrounding scenery

Florentin Village is designed by Yashar Architects, founded in 1956 by Yitzhak Yashar, and currently managed by his son Avner Yashar. The firm is known for its architectural excellence and stimulating international design, with prominent projects such as: 17 Rothschild Tower, Sea View, Noya complex, Tel Aviv Cinema, Gymnasium Tower, W Tower and W Prime.
In their typical style, Florentin Village combines functional elements and aesthetic characteristics, while maintaining a dialogue with its surroundings.


Tidhar and Acro Real Estate are building Florentin Village

About Florentin

The right location in Tel Aviv

Florentin was established in 1927 and was planned as a bourgeois neighborhood that combined craftsmen, light industry and commerce, alongside buildings of 3-4 floors with narrow streets between them. In 1991, the Tel Aviv municipality announced a regional renewal project that included the renovation of old buildings, the construction of apartment buildings for young people and the opening of cafés, entertainment venues, galleries, workshops for young artists and designer stores. The renewal trend stimulated the neighborhood's real estate market and turned Florentine and its environs into one of the most desired neighborhoods in the city.

Beit Yair is a museum commemorating the history of Lehi (a Zionist paramilitary organization in Mandatory Palestine), located in the building where its founder - Avraham Stern (Yair) - was murdered by British soldiers. Next to it is a building used by the "Artists' Studios" and two rooms used by Mahapach, a student movement that empowers education. At the western end of the neighborhood there's a children's playground and basketball courts. The Levinsky Market is located in the eastern side of the neighborhood, and the Aliya market is located on Aliyah Street and Wolfson Street.

Florentin district is one of the special areas of Tel Aviv. It is full of character, with narrow alleys and an abundance of restaurants, bars and trendy cafés, along with old carpentry workshops, walls covered in graffiti, halls for shows, galleries and lofts of photographers in narrow alleys

One element that shapes Tel Aviv's character is its market scene, from the Flea market in Jaffa through the Carmel market to the Old Port market. As in many cities around the world, markets are turning into real estate jewels that mark the development and rejuvenation of the area in which they are located. A whole culture is growing around the market, and in recent years it has become a magnet entertainment, shops, stylish restaurants, and trendy residential areas.

Every few years, the city and its residents change their inner map and "The Hottest Place" moves to another area - one that houses artists, musicians, writers, designers and intellectuals. In recent years, Florentine and the Levinsky market area have become the next hot place, where the cultural scene is happening.

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Liat Ghelerter – Florentin Village

Liat Ghelerter – Florentin Village


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

Main Sales Office – Florentine Village

Main Sales Office – Florentine Village


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

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