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"To live in an apartment built by Tidhar is to be part of a family and to know that you are cared for."

Ronen Ben Dor, Regional Manager

"HaMeitav" Tel Aviv, Bitzaron neighborhood

An opportunity to live in Tel Aviv's renewed East Village - the right home, the right place and the right price
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Living on the Right Side of Tel Aviv

The new residential tower in the Bitzaron neighborhood, built by Tidhar Group and Mivneh Group, is an opportunity to live in the right home, in the right place and at the right price. A golden opportunity for those looking to live in the heart of Tel Aviv and enjoy all the advantages of the city, without compromising on quality of life and the character of the suburban and communal lifestyle that the neighborhood has maintained over the years. The project's attractive location, combined with a diverse mix of apartments, including small apartments for investment, make HaMeitav an attractive real estate opportunity in a desirable and growing area in central Tel Aviv.

Perfect location

in the renewed Bitzaron neighborhood, in the heart of the Tel Aviv scene.

Advanced architectural design

innovative and clean, including environmental development and extensive landscaping

High accessibility

to all main traffic arteries, public transport and the city


The Design

The project was planned and designed by architect Daniel Keiser, former Tel Aviv City Engineer who currently heads one of Israel's leading architectural firms. The project enjoys extensive environmental development, including widespread landscaping, and was built according to Standard 5281 for "green building".


HaMeitav project was designed and built through the cooperation of two of the Israel's leading and reliable real estate groups: Tidhar Group and the Mivneh Group. This cooperation guarantees you security and peace of mind, and lets you enjoy the best - meticulous planning geared to customers' needs, high quality workmanship, level of finishing work and the standard of Tidhar's service, financial strength, reputation and years of experience.

Bitzaron - the East Village of Tel Aviv

In recent years, the option of buying an apartment in the Bitzaron neighborhood, the East Village of Tel Aviv, has become an attractive alternative to living in the city center. Here the prices are still sensible, and the neighborhood is quieter and more community-oriented.

The neighborhood enjoys easy access to all major traffic arteries - Ayalon Highway, Yigal Allon and Menachem Begin Road to the west, through Moshe Dayan to the east, Yitzhak Sadeh to the south and Derech Hashalom to the north. The Azrieli Railway Station is a short walk from the neighborhood and public transportation in the area is very accessible. The Red Line of the intended Light Rail, which will begin operating in 2021, is close to the neighborhood and will pass parallel to the Ayalon Highway in the west.
According to the future outline plan of the Tel Aviv municipality, pedestrian and cyclists bridge is planned to be constructed between the Bitzaron neighborhood east of Ayalon and the Montefiore neighborhood in the west. Yehudit bridge is supposed to ease traffic between the neighborhoods and connect Bitzron to the commercial, employment, recreation and leisure centers of Tel Aviv, which will replace the garages and workshops currently operating in the area around Yehudit Boulevard.
Add to this the proximity to Azrieli, the Sarona complex and the main traffic arteries, the fashionable restaurants and cafés that are opening up in the region and the high quality of life, and you have a perfect residential environment and an excellent investment opportunity. All these will continue the change taking place in the area, and turn Bitzaron into the official SoHo of Tel Aviv, an area that combines commerce and housing, and continues to spur real estate prices throughout the region.

Haskalah Boulevard, between Derech Hashalom and Aminadav Street, is different from most of the cuty's boulevards, in that the residential buildings were built only on the eastern side. 5 Haskalah Boulevard is home to JCS Capital Studios, the Tel Aviv studio of Channel 2 News.
Strong winds from the sea caused the pine trees planted along the avenues in the 50s to tilt eastward, and to this day it is a hallmark of Haskalah Boulevard. In the center of the boulevard there is a communal ecological garden, planted by a unique initiative of the local residents and businesses, and neighborhood residents are invited to work there every Friday afternoon. The area underwent renovations between 2008-2009 and the old bomb shelter in the center of the boulevard was decorated with pictures and information about the Haskalah movement, after whom the streets and boulevards in the Bitzaron neighborhood are named.

There are about 2,000 households in Bitzaron neighborhood. The veteran residents, who arrived in the 1950s, have mostly been replaced by young families, who enjoy a suburban neighborhood in the heart of the city. The population is considered upscale - 8 out of 10 on the socio-economic index (based on data from Medlan). The neighborhood's children enjoy a high level of education. The David Bloch School, which is considered one of the best in the city thanks to its personal attention to the students and the various learning and enrichment programs, is particularly prominent. In addition there are about 4 kindergartens.
In the center of Bitzaron lies the beating heart of the neighborhood - a community center that serves as a home for cultural activities and offers a variety of activities, classes, workshops, children's shows, summer camps, community events, lectures, and a variety of social programs.

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Tomer Bialik – “HaMeitav” Tel-Aviv

Tomer Bialik – “HaMeitav” Tel-Aviv


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

Liat Ghelerter – “HaMeitav” Tel-Aviv

Liat Ghelerter – “HaMeitav” Tel-Aviv


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

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