Kiryat Ono Dreams1 Kiryat Ono Dreams1
Kiryat Ono Dreams1 Kiryat Ono Dreams1
Creating value

"We're delighted to partner with Shikun & Binui - together we're creating significant value for our customers."

Gil Geva, Chairman of Tidhar Group

Kiryat Ono Dreams2 Kiryat Ono Dreams2
Kiryat Ono Dreams2 Kiryat Ono Dreams2
To live in Reisfeld

"Reisfeld neighborhood is one of the most desired today in Kiryat Ono. With a location like this, right over the park, two minutes from the Kiryat Ono mall, close to everything - it's no big surprise."

Liat Gelerter, Sales

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Kiryat Ono Dreams4 Kiryat Ono Dreams4
Kiryat Ono Dreams

Kiryat Ono Dreams

Upgrade your lifestyle to a luxury project built by Tidhar in partnership with Shikun & Binui Real Estate
Avi Mayer
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Everything you've ever imagined

Everyone has their own special "one" - the ideal neighborhood they always imagined, the perfect living environment they always dreamed about. "Kiryat Ono Dreams" - the new and prestigious project of Tidhar and Shikun & Binui - is "the one". It overlooks the vast Reisfeld Park and is close to the city's employment, entertainment and commerce centers, and at the same time it is pastoral like the countryside. Now is the time to make your dream come true.

Advanced architectural planning

choose from a variety of apartments with rich specifications

Adjacent park

the spacious Reisfeld Park, covering an area of about 40,000sqm


close to all main roads

Green Building

According to Standard 5281

Central location

in the renewed Reisfeld neighborhood

Commercial center

full of stores and recreational possibilities

Bike room

spacious, with room for strollers too

High quality education

a range of schools, kindergartens and a college

Tidhar and Shikun & Binui are fulfilling dreams at Reisfeld

"Kiryat Ono Dreams" invites you to upgrade your quality of life to high standards of design, as Tidhar and Shikun & Binui Real Estate groups, two of Israel's leading real estate companies, know to offer.

Kiryat Ono

a city of opportunities

A selection of schools and kindergartens

Kiryat Ono is known for its award-winning education system. In 2014, the Alonim School in the Reisfeld neighborhood won the National Education Prize by the Ministry of Education. Other educational institutions include the Ben Tzvi High School, which receives junior high school graduates, a variety of schools and many kindergartens, as well as the prestigious Kiryat Ono College and the Bar Ilan University.

Lots of recreational options

The city has plenty of entertainment and leisure facilities, for all ages. The Kiryat Ono Mall, adjacent to the project, is considered one of the leading shopping and leisure centers in the area, and includes a selection of cafés, a large dining area, a cinema, a food fair on weekends and a variety of fashion and lifestyle stores. For sports lovers, the city offers a large variety of leisure and sports activities, a national center for climbing and bouldering and more.

Sprawling green lawns and place to play

Kiryat Ono is a well-kept city, offering residents and visitors a green environment and quality of life. The vast 40,000sqm Reisfeld Park, adjacent to the project, is one of the city's many parks and public areas which include playgrounds, sports and fitness facilities, hiking and riding trails, dog parks and a variety of lawns and fun spots for families.

Ideal location in the heart of the Dan region

The Reisfeld neighborhood is ideally situated just a few kilometers from Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Yehud, Petah Tikva and Givatayim. It's within walking distance of Kiryat Ono Mall and close to the main transportation routes, so you can easily reach the Routes 4 and 6.

Tidhar at your service

The Tidhar people are at your service. We invite you to contact us

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Tomer Bialik – kiryat Ono Dreams

Tomer Bialik – kiryat Ono Dreams


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

Main Sales Office – Kiryat Ono Dreams

Main Sales Office – Kiryat Ono Dreams


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

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