Ramot Hasharon1 Ramot Hasharon1

Ramot Hasharon, Green Ramat Hasharon

The first building in a large-scale urban renewal project by Yuvalim Group and Yisrael Levi Real Estate, in Green Ramat Hasharon
Ramat Hasharon
Schwarz Besnosof
Under construction

Tidhar Construction is building the first building in a large-scale construction project in the renovated Morasha neighborhood for Yuvalim Group and Yisrael Levy Real Estate. In this project, 168 apartments were vacated in 8 dilapidated buildings that were demolished, and instead of them will be built 4modern residential towers with 588 apartments. The project offers 4-, 5- and 6-room apartments and penthouses.
The project is built on a 13,000sqm plot and includes a unique recreational park spread over 11,000sqm, with paths for jogging and cycling, and various activity areas for the benefit of the residents, such as children's gymboree, outdoor fitness facilities, table tennis, bicycle rooms and a club.
This is the second project that Tidhar is building for the Yuvalim Group - a cooperation that ensures high quality construction and high standards typical of Tidhar, with close supervision by the tenants throughout the construction process - until they enter their new apartments.

Attractive location in renewing neighborhood

High standards of construction, design and specs

A unique recreational park with activity areas and paths for runners and cyclists

An underground parking lot, a well-equipped entrance lobby, a tenants' club and a room for bicycles and strollers

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