Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin1 Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin1
Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin1 Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin1
Service first

"Being in charge of a client's home is a big responsibility and a great challenge. This motivates me and my team to see things through to the end and not to give up until the result is no less than excellent."

Tomer Hendshtock , Regional Manager

Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin2 Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin2
Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin2 Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin2
Success story

"Over 1,000 families are already living in Tidhar's project in Psagot Afek. People who are looking for an intimate residential project in a young and developing neighborhood, this is the project for them."

Tomer Bialik, Sales

Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin3 Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin3
Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin4 Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin4
Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin

Rom Tidhar, Rosh Ha'ayin

Experience high quality of living at Tidhar's success story in Psagot Afek
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The perfect living environment for families who won't compromise on their lifestyle

In a pastoral environment, in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Israel, in the city that is considered the new promise of the central region, a perfect residential location awaits families who are not willing to compromise on the quality of their lifestyle.
Rom Tidhar is comprised of six elegant 6-story residential buildings, adjacent to a green park (under the municipality's responsibility) and a lovely promenade with views to the Givat Tal neighborhood to the west. The neighborhood is within walking distance to educational facilities, the library and the neighborhood shopping center.
This is your chance to fulfill a dream and choose from a variety of special apartments that await you - luxurious garden apartments and a selection of mini-penthouses and penthouses overlooking the park and the surrounding landscape, all designed to the finest detail. This is your chance to join hundreds of families who have already chosen Tidhar in Psagot Afek, and enjoy the peace of mind of Tidhar's high standards, reliability, service and professionalism.

High Accessibility

only 20 minutes to Tel Aviv

Green environment

lots of nature all around

Commercial center

a wide selection of stores and recreational venues

Excellent education system

and a wide range of schools and kindergartens

Adjacent park

playgrounds, lawns and walking paths

Nearby library

advanced knowledge and enrichment center

Two elevators

in a 6-floor building with 26 apartments

A combination of quality, comfort and urban chic

Leading architectural firm BLK Architects have designed an intimate and stylish complex that meets all the needs of young families. The apartments are specifically designed to create a special harmony and charm.

You've always dreamed of living in a vibrant young city

Thanks to its strategic location, the pastoral environment, two prosperous high-tech parks and the abundance of opportunities offered in the city, Rosh Ha'ayin has become a magnate for young families which have changed its demographics. Today it is the promising new location of the central region - a city that is planned to double its population in the next decade.


Award-winning educational system

The education system in Rosh Ha'ayin has undergone a revolution in recent years. Here you can be sure that your children are studying in one of Israel's leading education systems. Schools in Rosh Ha'Ayin receive a range of prizes every year. The city's students enjoy innovative technological models and a variety of enrichment and leadership programs. Matriculation grades are constantly growing. Sports clubs in the city are making impressive achievements. The city's youth movements are constantly growing around a core of activity and volunteerism. The percentage of enlistment in the IDF is one of the highest in Israel, making Rosh Ha'ayin the best choice for your children and for you. In addition, a total of 16 kindergartens, 2 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools and high schools are planned to be built in Psagot Afek.
Leisure, Sports and Culture

Everything you need is nearby

In recent years, a variety of cultural, sports and leisure complexes have opened in the city: a Holmes Place country club, the "Sound of Music" Promenade alongside Nahal Rabah creek, a new and advanced sports center, the Israel Music Center (the only one of its kind in Israel), the new and advanced cultural center, shopping and leisure centers with the finest cafés, restaurants and fashion chains.
City of Music

This city has a special rhythm

Music is the way we all express feelings, thoughts, dreams and hopes. In the last eight years, Rosh Ha'ayin has integrated the love of music in every aspect of the daily life. Rosh Ha'ayin is the twin city of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. The city has invested in a variety of musical activities for all ages, with dozens of rock, jazz and pop bands operating in the city and a selection of musical events. Even the numbers of the buildings and street signs are decorated with musical notes, and the sculpted musical instruments in the squares and roundabouts give the city a special rhythm.
שמורת מגדל צדק הסמוכה לפרויקט

An experience for all your senses

Rosh Ha'ayin has a unique topography that combines hills, streams, forested areas, historic sites and more than 70 public gardens spread over 6,000,000sqm. The project's unique location gives you stunning views of the surrounding hills, the forested areas and the many natural assets surrounding the city, including the Migdal Tzedek Nature Reserve, the Raba Creek promenade and the Rosh Ha'ayin forest. A short distance away is the Antipatrus Fortress, the headwaters of the Yarkon River and more. The expanses of nature, the abundance of gardens and a variety of recreational opportunities for children in and around the city give you unlimited options for an exciting experience. For its investments in promoting a green urban environment, Rosh Ha'ayin won the Beauty Stars competition on behalf of the Israel Council and won the title "Green City" from the Cleantech organization.

High-tech industries center

In the last decade, Rosh Ha'ayin has become a hotbed of high-tech industries and the home of some of the largest companies in the economy. A range of communications, start-ups, marketing, industrial and commercial companies operate in the Afek High-Tech Park north of the city, offering a wide selection of employment opportunities, within walking distance. In the near future, the "City" project will be constructed at the southern entrance to Rosh Ha'ayin, which will include office buildings, commercial space, cinemas, culture and convention areas and a large terminal shared by the Israel Railways and the suburban train.

Our marketing and service representatives are at your service, always

We will be happy to serve you and match you with the perfect apartment.

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Tomer Bialik – Rom Tidhar

Tomer Bialik – Rom Tidhar


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

Main Sales Office – Rom Tidhar

Main Sales Office – Rom Tidhar


Sun. - Thu. 9:30-18:30, Fri. and holiday eves 9:00-13:00

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