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Service Pledge

Tidhar Group is proud to present the Group's service pledge, which defines service levels and coordinates our customers' expectations of us.
Our vision is to be a benchmark of service in Israel and to provide our customers with a personalized, high quality and differentiated service experience.
Our values are: reliability, customer focus, personal and organizational excellence, teamwork, responsibility and personal commitment, meeting deadlines. All of these are reflected in the service we provide, as in all areas of our activity.

We guarantee that our employees will offer each customer a personal and courteous attitude accompanied by a smile, consideration and respect.

We undertake to care, listen and understand our customers, with true willingness to assist.

We pledge to be honest and transparent with our customers, while maintaining their privacy.

We are committed to respond to our customers' phone calls within 1 business day, and to written messages within a maximum of 4 business days.

We undertake to deal with any service failure, by all necessary means and attention, within 4 business days of receiving the request.

We promise that every request from our customers will be documented to ensure action, control, follow-up and closure.

We pledge to measure, control, and draw conclusions in the area of customer satisfaction, through feedback surveys on the performance of the relevant employees and suppliers.

In any event where we have not met expectations, we undertake to deal with the matter within 1 business day from the date the customer contacted the service center.

We provide our clients with an address for inquiries via email, telephone, fax and through our website.

We pledge to publish reliable and comprehensive marketing information that will enable our customers to make the right decisions.

We are committed to a reliable sale, while striving to clarify the needs of our customers and tailor the best solution for them.

We promise to provide our clients with a bookkeeping representative who will accompany them throughout the purchase, construction and receipt of the property.

We undertake to accompany our customers with a planning and service coordinator, throughout the construction period, from the moment they sign the purchase agreement until the property is handed over. The planning and service coordinator will act professionally and offer his services with a commitment to understanding the customer's needs.

After handing over the asset, the customer can contact our customer service department, which is available from the moment they receive the key until the inspection and warranty period is completed, in accordance with the Sales Law.
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