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170 Ibn Gabirol, Tel Aviv (Urban Renewal)

Another success story in the heart of Tel Aviv

In the framework of the Urban Renewal project at 170 Ibn Gabirol Street, in the "old north" of Tel Aviv, 18 tenants will be evacuated and their old buildings together with the old post office will be replaced by a modern 7-9-storey building with 45-50 units.

The project is located in the old port workers' housing project, which was built in 1949 by Rasco, at the initiative of the Tel Aviv Port Authority, for workers who served during WW2 in the British navy and army. The buildings consisted of five elongated blocks on 170-178 Ibn Gabirol Street, each three stories high with three entrances. Each building accommodated 18 identical 3-room apartments. Between the buildings were large courtyards where the tenants raised a variety of fruit trees: citrus, loquat and guava. Since everyone knew everyone, special relationships bloomed. When the Tel Aviv port was closed in 1966, some of the residents moved to live near the new port in Ashdod.

The Urban Renewal project on 170 Ibn Gabirol Street is currently in the planning stage, and part of the plot will be rezoned by the municipality for the light rail. This is a unique project, both in terms of the challenge of building in a crowded area in the heart of Tel Aviv, and also in terms of the tremendous potential for the original residents and future buyers.

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