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תוכן ראשי
אנסקי, פתח תקווה – פינוי בינוי

Anski, Petah Tikva (Vacate-Renovate)

A large-scale urban renewal project extending over an area of about 3,000 square meters, near Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva

Tidhar is building a large-scale complex, a modern evacuation-construction project, on Anski, Kaplan and Amsterdam Streets, adjacent to Beilinson Hospital. It will create a significant landmark in the city.

The framework of the project involves tearing down 11 old buildings (three-four stories), and replacing them with eight public buildings, including a public school that will surround the entire perimeter of the complex. In addition, there are plans to build four, 37-story towers spanning two full city blocks, including commercial space that will run the length of Anski Street, and two, 20-story buildings that will face the back of the complex.

In total, the complex will include 970 new apartments, public green space and sports area for residents. The front of the commercial center will face Anski Street alongside additional towers that will be built there, in addition to the ones in the back of the complex.

Leading architects, Moore Yaski Sivan (MYS), responsible for the modern design, specialize in multi-residential buildings and green construction.

The Tidhar Group presents yet another project which will be carefully executed and meet exceptionally high quality standards, using a variety of advanced material for the construction and interior design of the apartments.

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