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תוכן ראשי
פרויקט דפנה תל אביב - פינוי בינוי

Dafna, Tel Aviv (Vacate-Renovate)

A large-scale urban renewal project that will combine residential and commercial space, accessible to all routes leading into the city.

The Dafna project is an extensive and unique complex that stretches from Arlozorov Street, along Namir Road to Szold Street. This is a large-scale vacate-rebuild project divided into residential complexes, with each future complex to include a residential tower and a textured structure.
The complex currently includes 471 apartments in 21 buildings, which were built about 65 years ago. Two complexes are now being developed. In complex 2, 201 new housing units will be built to replace 66 housing units that will be demolished. In complex 5, 232 new units will be built, instead of the 76 units that currently exist.

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