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תוכן ראשי
הרא”ה 56-64, רמת גן – פינוי בינוי

HaRoe 56-64, Ramat Gan (Vacate-Renovate)

A unique complex with a combination of spectacular residential towers, shops and kindergartens in a magical corner of Ramat Gan

In the heart of the city of Ramat Gan, at the most charming spot of HaRoe Street, are five old and sleepy buildings that are hidden and will be replaced by four modern, breathtaking, 10-story buildings. They will include about 50 residential apartments in a diverse mix, and a small number of neighborhood boutique shops, in combination with kindergartens for all of the residents, which will bring lots of joy to the place.
The unique complex, which extends over a large area is being designed by the architectural firm Dunsky Tsafnat, known for their unique buildings that include a mix of residential, leisure and commercial spaces. Their well-known projects include, the Eretz Israel Heritage Center, the historic renovation of the Bank of Israel in Jerusalem, urban renewal, of the Holon Industrial area, and the Paz Bridge in Haifa.

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