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תוכן ראשי
אבן גבירול 192, תל אביב – פינוי בינוי

Ibn Gvirol 192, Tel Aviv (Vacate-Renovate)

A high-rise tower in Tel Aviv overlooking the Hayarkon Park in an upscale Vacate & Renovate project

The Tidhar Group and Acro Real Estate were selected to undertake this unique urban renewal project on 192 Ibn Gabirol Street, on the banks of the Yarkon river. This project is of great historical significance, as it is considered the historic gateway to Tel Aviv and the White City district, between Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.

The project, designed by the brilliant architect Gal Marom, will be comprised of a 25-luxury residential tower with approximately 100 residential units in a diverse mix of 3, 4 and 5 room apartments, special apartments and a 9-story office building with a commercial ground floor, in line with the urban construction fabric on Ibn Gabirol street.

The owners of the existing apartments will receive, instead of their old apartments, that range from 60 to 90 square meters in size, a new apartment with the addition of a private protected space, a sun terrace and underground parking. The entire project totals approximately 17,000 square meters.

This iconic project, which will be another milestone in the revitalized of Tel Aviv city, will be constructed as part of the urban renewal plan for Ibn Gvirol Street, a plan that is promoted by the municipality that is currently in the process of preparing a city zoning plan.

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