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תוכן ראשי
מבצע סיני, בת ים – פינוי בינוי

Mivtza Sinai, Bat Yam (Vacate-Renovate)

Unique evacuation project for the construction of two new residential towers in the Ramat Yosef neighborhood of Bat Yam

The Vacate-Renovate project in Bat Yam’s Ramat Yosef neighborhood, will change the neighborhood and set a new residential standard. The project, located at 25-27 Mivtza Sinai Street in Bat Yam, will involve demolishing two, four-story buildings that include 32 units, and will replace two,12-story buildings with 134 units.

The project planning is led by trusted architect Gil Shenhav whose office specializes in designing high-quality urban renewal projects such as, Green Park in Neve Sharet, Tel Aviv, Rimonei Tidhar in Ramat HaSharon, High Line in Ramat Gan and more. The new complex will breathe new spirit into the old neighborhood and improve the quality of life for its residents.

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