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Tidhar on the Park, Or Akiva (Vacate-Renovate)

1,750 new residential units in a very large scale urban renewal project

At the beginning of 2016, Tidhar signed an agreement with NSA Renewal and Construction to initiate and construct the "vacate-renovate" project. It will include the evacuation of 355 original owners, in favor of a new neighborhood with 1,750 apartments in 12 towers of 25 floors each, in the Shazar neighborhood in Or Akiva.
The project is in advanced planning stages, after about 94% of the owners signed the deal. In the framework of the project we will demolish the outdated buildings (mostly 3-4 floor buildings) as well as the dilapidated infrastructure of entire 118,000sqm neighborhood, and build a new one with huge potential, including a new shopping and recreation area, kindergartens, daycare centers, a new promenade and infrastructure suitable for housing hundreds of new residents.

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