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תוכן ראשי
פרויקט מגורים תדהר

Weizmann Zichron , Tel Aviv (Urban Renewal)

A TAMA 38(2) project on the corner of Zichron Ya'akov - Weizmann - Arlozorov, Tel Aviv

Strategically located next to Kikar Hamedina, at the corner of Zikhron Ya'akov, Weizmann and Arlozorov Streets in Tel Aviv. This TAMA 38(2) project includes demolishing an old row-building to build 2 modern 8-floor buildings in its place. The 22 owners of the apartments will receive a new spacious apartment with a sun terrace, a storage room and a parking space in a prestigious project, which will significantly increase the value of their property and, more importantly, their quality of life. The project will include 54 new residential units built according to the highest standards that characterize the area and the Tidhar Group.

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