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Our Mission

We built an organization of professionals!
We build homes that people love!
We create only satisfied customers!

Tidhar's Pledge

Tidhar's pledge, created by its employees, contains the Group's main roadmap and values which binds all employees and leads them in our commitment to our customers.

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Trust and reliability are at the foundation of all of Tidhar's activities. Tidhar is convinced that relations, within and without the company, that are based on reliability, trustworthiness, personal integrity and accuracy and compliance, ensure fruitful cooperation over the long term.
שירות - תדהר


Satisfied customers are the foundation for the growth of Tidhar's reputation. Service at Tidhar also means high quality construction, combined with professional, reliable and fast customer service. We view our activities through the eyes of our customers, and constantly aim to create more value for them. The Group's employees are committed to provide the highest level of service at all times, therefore it's no surprise that people repeatedly choose Tidhar when they are looking for a home.

Tidhar's service pledge
איכות ומצוינות - תדהר

Quality and Excellence

Tidhar is committed to quality and excellence in all areas of activity. Adherence to these values is a beacon for each employee in the Group. Quality and excellence means performing at the highest level in every activity. Preliminary design, attention to details, straightforwardness, constant supervision and learning ensure the existence of quality and excellence, as well as Tidhar's position at the top of the Israeli construction industry.
הון אנושי - תדהר

Human Capital

Tidhar's main source of strength is its dedicated employees, who excel in their respective fields. Our employees promise to operate responsibly, systematically and as a focused team. Debating is a basic component of operation. Tidhar is committed to preserving, promoting and developing its employees.
לוח הזמנים - תדהר


The timetable is the heart of Tidhar's projects managing system. Adherence to the timetable and all other commitments arising from it, enable maximum profitability alongside maximum customer satisfaction, and it is the basis of Tidhar's reputation as a completely different sort of Construction group. Adherence to the timetable fulfills all the group's essential values - reliability, quality and efficiency.
בטיחות - תדהר


Tidhar is an example of compliance with safety requirements, and is responsible for the safety of all its employees, suppliers and customers. Tidhar is committed to developing and enforcing safety procedures, and conducts routine safety management at its sites to ensure a safe working and living environment.
קשרי גומלין - תדהר


Tidhar believes that proper and harmonious working relations - both internal and external - are the basis for achieving goals. All employees are obliged to do everything in their power to ensure that the company complies with agreements, payment dates and any other commitments. Open and sincere communication is the key to establishing these relationships.
סדר וניקיון - תדהר

Order and Cleanliness

Tidhar believes that orderliness is an integral part of proper management. Tidhar's construction sites, offices and employees will always be orderly. An organized working environment will enable us to act according to the values that lead to excellence and quality of service.
אדיבות והגינות - אמנת תדהר

Courtesy and Fairness

Personal relations are the root of any activity. Being polite, kind and sincere, even when trying to settle differences, ensures a long term positive cooperation within the business environment.
התייעלות מתמדת - תדהר

Constant Enhancement

Tidhar is an organization which is constantly moving forward while striving for excellence improvement, learning and managing information. Constant enhancement preserves Tidhar's competitiveness in all market conditions, and broadens its comparative advantage.
קשר עם הקהילה - תדהר

Connected to the Community

Tidhar strives to ensure environmental conservation, uses eco-friendly materials, avoids damage to the landscape and takes social needs into close consideration. Contribution to the community and personal involvement of Tidhar employees in the country's social affairs, is an integral part of its activities.

Our Vision

גיל גבע, יו

Gil Geva - Chairman of Tidhar Group, Director and Founder

To be the leading construction group in Israel; to strive for global growth; to cultivate values of excellence and innovation; and to be a role model of service, performance and quality
אריה בכר, נשיא הקבוצה, דירקטור ומייסד - תדהר

Arye Bachar - President of Tidhar Group, Director and Founder

To be a growing, expansive and solid group that nurtures and rewards its employees, and constitutes a home as well as a source of empowerment and pride
מארק וייסמן, דירקטור - תדהר

Mark Weissman - Director

To contribute to Israel’s society and economy through community outreach, creation of jobs, and the constant improvement of building and management methods
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